Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Honey soy pork and pizza

Last Saturday night the kids helped daddy make honey soy pork cutlets with Asian slaw and mashed potato. The mashed potato was great, as usual, daddy's specialty. The rest, a new recipe, not so great.  I won't bother to copy the recipe here as we won't be making it again. The sauce was so strongly soy, reduced down the a thick syrup, overpowering everything. Also we didn't really have the right tools to make the slaw fine enough, and Tim's knife skills aren't quite expert level.

Although the food wasn't great, I was really happy with the kids' attitude. They are getting into this cooking gig! And it is lovely for me having a night off cooking. I am learning not to stress and keep checking on them, they are fine.

Sunday lunch was pizza. We use store-bought pita bread then everyone puts on their own favourite toppings. Aiden had pepperoni, jalapenos and pineapple, not much cheese:
Mine is pepperoni and jalapenos:

Jasmine had Hawaiian:

And Tim's (large base) is supreme:

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